hi guys in this blog I will show you how to call your friends and family in the Us and Canada
it's an easy process you only should have a phone , a Gmail account you're using in your phone and last you should download an app called magic jack
download apk from here
when you download it sign in using your Gmail account that you're using in your phone and now you can call all day long for free

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hi guys in this blog I will show you how to make money from blogging and making youtube videos
so if you were a blogger and getting a lot of traffic but you don't have an adsense account there another platform you can use easily and everybody can use it it called revenuehits  from this awesome platform you can put ads on your blog like I'm doing for this blog and win money for each ad click
PS: I'm personally using it
sign up from here

and for youtube there's another platform to use and again if you get a lot of views but you can't get a google adsense account this is the platform for you it called freedom I personally using it
sign up from here

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hi guys I know a lot of you know this is easy but there's people who don't so I made this blog for them.
first step: is to copy the video url by right click on the mouse on the video you want and you'll see options and one of them is copy video url

ignore the download button below it's because I'm using uc browser it make downloading videos from youtube easier but in this blog I'll show you how to download from all browsers .
second step: after copying the video url you want go to this website and past the video url and download it in the form you like either mp3 or mp4 ...

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hi guys in this blog I will show you how to control your friends or family or anyone using your WiFi.
this apps is only for android users .
First you need to root your phone , I will show you an easy way to do it using kingroot (download link)

kingroot is the easiest app to root your phone
Second the app you'll need to "hack" your victims phone is wifikill.
what wifikill allows you to do is to shut down WiFi for your victims phone or watch what websites that he's in.(download link)

and third network spoofer .
Network Spoofer lets you change websites on other people’s computers from an Android phone. After downloading simply log onto a Wifi network, choose a spoof to use and press start.
Please note that there is no intention for Network Spoofer to include any malicious features. This application is a fun demonstration of how vulnerable home networks are to simple attacks, with permission of the network owner - DO NOT attempt to use Network Spoofer on any corporate or other non-residential networks (eg. at school, university). It becomes very obvious when Network Spoofer is being used on a Network, and use of Network Spoofer will be considered malicious hacking by network administrators.

warning this is for educational purposes only.


Hi guys in this blog I will show you how to watch new movies and when I say it's new I mean it's still didn't come out in DVDs and still running in cinema.
all the movies you can watch , tv shows and cartoons ....
and I will show you how to download from the website

and how to download movies from the website is very simple you'll have to go to the chroome web store and download video downloader professional
go from here
and when you download it you'll see an Icon on the left top of your screen.
and the way to download movies from the website is
1: click on the movie you'd like to watch
2: you'll have to wait about 1 minute
3: you'll see the icon have changed to a green arrow
4: click on the arrow and choose the server you'd like to download from
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hi everybody I know a lot of you enojy playing video games but there are so expinsive so I was using this website for a long time now it's the best place to download free games it's so awesome that even new games that still didn't relase in some of the known websites like amazon you can find it there and it can be download for a lot of platforms like xbox , pc , wii , playstation and psp and more .
you can download games from the website using utorrent and the website is 
and here's a way on how to burn xbox 360 games on a cd



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Now you can convert the points to receive prizes to your home for free

Now you can convert the points to receive prizes to your home for free.
الان يمكنك تحويل النقاط الى جوائز تصلك الى منزلك مجاناً

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After activation show you this page
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